@Admiral_Awesome: They have awesome customer service so you should definitely give them a call and they will replace it or give you a credit for it. Seriously, I shop there v often and anytime I have had an issue, they bend over backwards to fix it. » 9/14/10 9:04pm 9/14/10 9:04pm

Oh Brian & Maureen, FNO in London was yday! I cld have won this. Gwyneth (your fave!) was at the Stella McCartney store and Manolo Blahnik at Liberty. And loads of peeved off store assistants and loads of mirrors with white powder! » 9/09/10 9:02pm 9/09/10 9:02pm

@badasscat: Thai restaurants unfortunately fall into this category as well. My fave Thai restaurant in LA had a "D" grade which was no reflection on the premises but rather the prep of the food. » 7/28/10 12:52pm 7/28/10 12:52pm

@Brian Moylan: No! She lives in Florida and had the nerve to build a six flags-worthy waterpark (which I secretly covet) and used up all the water in the towns reservoir! Send her back » 7/01/10 5:06pm 7/01/10 5:06pm

@AnneV6: Not all black women with good hair wear weaves, just about 90% :-) Most bi-racial women have hair like that but most entertainers wear weaves to (ironically) protect their hair from all the damage it can endure from the many different hairstyles they wear. » 6/29/10 3:05pm 6/29/10 3:05pm